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Q: How many bundles do I need?

A: It depends on the type of hair you get. Typical install is 6-9oz but always ask a stylist.


Q: When will you get ___ back in stock?

A: Typical shipments are 2-3 weeks at a time


Q: Which is your straightest hair?

A: Natural Body, not bone straight but has the least amount of waves.


Q: What is the difference between Zig Zag and Bollywood?

A: Bollywood has more texture than Zig Zag, the weft is slightly thicker and the ends are fuller.


Q: What kind of closure should I buy?

A: It is best to consult with your stylist since they will be doing the install and know what size will work best for the look you’re trying to achieve


Q: Can the hair be flat ironed or curled with a curling iron?

A: Yes, but a heat protector is recommended.


Q: Where does your hair come from? 

A: India.


Q: How long does your hair last?

A: Good maintenance at least a year if not longer.


Q: Whats the difference between Relaxed Texture and Silky Relaxed?

A: Like the name implies, the Silky Relaxed, is straighter and silkier.


Q: How does EP Everyday hair compare with Zig Zag or Bollywood hair?

A: EP Everyday hair has been permed and colored. It is not the same quality as the other two, that's why it is priced less. It would work well for someone who likes to change their hairstyle often.


Q: Are all your wigs made with front lace?

A: No, front lace wigs are custom orders.


Q: Can your wigs be sewed in?

A: Yes, our wigs can be sewed in or you can put it on with the clips they come with and take it off when you want. 


Q: Can I add a closure to a fall?


A: Yes, we can add a closure to our falls, but keep in mind, the fall does not fit the whole head. Falls are designed to leave your edges out.


Q: If the hair has been colored already, can it still be colored or lifted to a lighter shade? 

A: We do not recommend coloring or lifting the hair because it has been treated already, but you can do a test strand to check if it will take the color.

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