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4 Misinformed myths about your hair

4 Misinformed myths about your hair

Growing up black you’re told so many things about your hair, some of which are not true. Let’s unravel some of these myths.

Grease your scalp

Back in the day, your momma would wash your hair and then pull out the Blue Magic or the Ultra Sheen and go to town greasing your scalp and putting a little on the ends.  It was thought that this was a good way to keep your hair healthy and it would make it grow. False!!! Many grease products contain petroleum and mineral oil both of which clog up your scalp and attract dirt this can prevent hair growth. It is recommended that you use natural oils and butters to keep hair properly moisturized.

Trimming your ends makes your hair grow

For years black women have lived with the presumption that cutting their ends makes their hair grow faster.  NOT!! Trimming your ends only makes your hair appear healthier because you’re removing hair that has been damaged.

Black people’s hair doesn’t grow

No matter what your ethnicity your hair grows at the same rate. Hair grows an average of ½ an inch per month. If your hair doesn’t seem to be growing take into consideration how you are caring for your lovely locks. Excessive heat and chemicals may be preventing you from retaining your length.

Black People don’t get lice

A common misconception is that African American hair is too coarse therefore they don’t get lice. Whether thick, thin or coarse lice don’t discriminate. Lice stick to adhere themselves to a stand of hair as a way to reach the scalp and receive blood as their food supply. African American’s have a lower occurrence of lice due to the daily use of oils and other hair products. Oils and sheens may act as a barrier but they are not a guaranteed protectant.


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