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Top 5 reasons your hair color fades

Top 5 reasons your hair color fades

Let's discuss the 5 reasons your hair color fades. Some people forget that even the color of hair extensions fades too. Let us help guide you into how to treat the color of your hair better.


Hot water

The use of HOT water is causing your hair color to fade prematurely. Hot water causes the cuticle open up allowing the color to rinse out during shampooing. It is highly recommended to use lukewarm water on color treated hair.


Are you using Shampoo and Conditioner that is not color safe? When you have color treated hair, it is important that you use products that are free of SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfates). Look for products that are labeled Sulfate Free.

Tools that produce heat

Using Hot Styling Tools. If you are an adamant user of flat irons, curling wands, and blow dryers please be sure to use a thermal heat protectant. This will allow the color to last longer.

UV protection

Using products without the proper UV protection can cause the hair to oxidize, damaging UV rays of the sun causes the hair to fade. If you do not have proper UV protection products you may want to wear a hat when in direct sunlight.

Hard water

Hard water is the hidden culprit in hair discoloration. It is estimated that 85% of Americans have hard water in their home. Hard water creates a film on the hair, preventing it absorbing moisture and retaining color. In some cases, it is a good idea to do a mineral removal treatment prior to coloring your hair.


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