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Extensions Plus Blog Are Hair Extensions harmful

Are Hair Extensions harmful?

Hair extensions are not harmful for you or your hair. There are a lot of misconceptions about hair extensions damaging your hair. The extensions themselves do not damage your hair but improper installation can ultimately cause damage to your hair.
When having your extensions sewn on you should make sure that the foundation is not braided down too tight. If you feel pulling on your edges or extreme tightness this is a sign that your braids are too tight and this will cause breakage of your natural hair.
When people take out their weaves they often say “these extensions made my hair fall out” or “I lost so much hair with this sew in”. What most people don’t know is the average woman loses approximately 100 strands of hair a day. The typical sew in will last 2-3 months, so within that  2-3 months, you’ve lost about two to three thousands of strands of hair that are just sitting in between the braids waiting to fall once the braids are taken out. Once you take down your braids and comb out your hair just know that some hair loss is normal.

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