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Extensions Plus 5 Ways to Prevent Split Ends

5 Ways to Prevent Split Ends

What are Split ends? Split Ends are defined as hairs that have become dry or damaged and have split apart at the ends. Once the strand splits it will continue to work its way up to the cuticle making the hair weak and susceptible to shedding. Below we will provide you with 5 tips for preventing Split Ends.


Detangle With Care

When detangling your hair gently comb hair out from tip to root. The majority of people just grab a section of hair and start brushing or combing out their hair not taking into consideration the effect this has on their lovely locks. Being rough with your hair can cause the hair to break and leaves you with split ends.


Minimize Heat Intake

The less heat the better. Obsessive blow drying and styling with hot styling tools dries out the hair and cause heat damage which leads to split ends. When possible allow your hair to air drive and then use hot tools to style your hair. When using hot styling tools be sure to use a heat protectant. Heat protectants serve as a barrier between your hair and the heating tool.


Regular Trims

In order to maintain healthy hair and prevent split ends, you must get a trim on a regular. It is recommended you get a trim every 6 to 10 weeks. Cutting your ends stop the already split ends from continuing to work their way up the shaft and causing more damage. Once the strand is damaged it can’t heal itself.


Hair Care Products

We recommend that once a month you give your hair a deep conditioning. Be sure that your hair care products don’t contain sulfate and are alcohol-free.


Keep Hair Nourished

We mustn’t forget that what we put in our bodies affects our hair. It is recommended that Folic Acid and Biotin to keep your hair healthy and strong.


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