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Extension Plus–For the Best Hair Extensions

Extension Plus – For the Best Hair Extensions

You are getting ready for the big date and your worst nightmare is in your face! It’s definitely not a good time to have a bad hair day! This little dilemma could have been resolved easily if you had a hair extension handy.

An extension would have added glamour to go with your outfit. Buy hair extensions online today and avoid these stressful situations forever!


Choosing the right hair extension will add a touch of panache to a stylish outfit. At Extension Plus (EP), you can choose from a wide variety of extensions like wefts, clip-ons, falls, edges and closures. Falls and closures generally add volume while the others can be used when you want a stylish look.

The Coffee Collection:

Our signature brand is The Coffee Collection and is the most popular choice of most women. We have blended each extension with three shades of coffee tones so that every piece defines an unmatched beauty and style. Choose from wefts, clip-ons or falls of the Coffee Collection and make a memorable style statement.

The Zig Zag Collection:

Extension Plus has a bonanza of treasures to suit every hair color and length. Our Zig Zig Collection, another signature brand, is a versatile product. Every piece from this collection will give your hair a natural flow without looking overly dressed. The wefts and clip-ons are in great demand while dressing for parties or weddings. If you would prefer a simplistic hairstyle with volume, the Zig Zag Collection’s falls are irresistible masterpieces.

Curl Collection:

This is a client-specific customizable collection of natural hair extensions that is carefully modified as needed. Extensions from our Zig Zag collection are treated to give pronounced curls. The hair pieces are steam heated and permed for the right effect. You can choose from the Sapphire Curl or Emerald Curl varieties for that celebrity-style curly-haired look.


The Bollywood-Plus Collection:

Beautifully crafted from pure Indian hair, this collection is a class apart. It has dark to medium color tones that define an ethnic look. The wefts and ends are thicker giving the extensions a full-bodied appearance.

Everyday Plus Collection:

Why limit your style to weddings or functions? Every day can be a celebration with EP’s Everyday Plus collection. This is another popular product because it is very affordable. These extensions are made from real hair purchased from Burma. Our collection is specially designed so that you do not have to compromise on quality even if the piece is cheaper. You can buy two textures in the curly varieties at present.


Cali Collection:

Some women wear their hair thick at the top and tapering at the lower ends. Keeping this in mind, we have specially crafted the Cali Collection. The extensions from this collection are made from the durable Remy Indian hair. Our Cali Curl blends well with naturally curly hair. While the Cali Wave and Cali Body are just for adding volume to slightly wavy or straight hair. 


At Extension Plus, we supply a wide range of hair extensions that will match any hair texture. Designing and creating hair extensions from natural hair is a gifted art form. Our workforce is made up of the most gifted craftsmen.

The extensions are a result of love, talent and an inherent liking for quality products. The Extension Plus branded hair extensions come in two textures:

Relaxed Texture & Silky Relaxed Texture Collection:

Women of different ethnicities love our Relaxed Texture collection because of its versatility. All the extensions designed by Extension Plus are individually crafted and not mass-produced. They are hand-made with precision, keeping in mind both affordability and style so that ethnic women can enjoy the pleasure of beautiful, lustrous hair. 

The wefts from the Relaxed Textured Collection are especially popular because they can be used in two ways. They will give a naturally curly or wavy appearance but can be straightened if you want a different style.

They are available in various lengths, shades, and textures to suit different ethnicities. The weft closures or bundled wefts are the most popular items from this collection.

They add length and volume and also give a chic look at the same time. They can be made to look curlier with the help of gels or spray.
The Silky Relaxed Texture Collection is available on our website for women who have chemically straightened hair. These hair extensions are also perfect for women who iron their hair on a regular basis.


Don’t ever feel stressed out because your hair is giving you trouble. Check out the Extension Plus website and buy hair extensions online today. You will never regret the experience. 


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