How to Achieve Bouncy Curls

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Leave It In

Curly hair is known for being naturally dry. It is recommended that one use a leave-in conditioner to add moisture for a healthier look and feel

Extensions Plus How To Achieve Bouncy Curls

Diffuse The Situation

Curly hair has a tendency to frizz when it dries naturally. By using a diffuser on wet hair it defines the curl and reduces frizz.

Extensions Plus How To Achieve Bouncy Curls

Scrunch It Up

After washing and conditioning your hair give it a tight scrunch while it is still wet. This will help define your curl. If possible allow hair to dry naturally in a hair net.

Extensions Plus Blog - How To Achieve Bouncy Curls

Don't Touch!!

Our body produces its own natural oils and every time we touch our hair we leave those oils in our hair. These oils weigh down your hair which causes any your curl to drop.

Extensions Plus Hair Extensions

Comb It Out

When it comes to curly hair we find it best to comb through your hair while wet and with a wide tooth comb. The wide tooth comb separates the hair into bigger sections allowing for bigger curl ringlets.

Extensions Plus Hair Extensions

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