How to Naturally Dry Your Hair Extensions

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Whether your chosen Hair Extensions Method is temporary or semi-permanent, it’s important to give them a break from heat styling every so often. Having your hair extensions last is not only important for you but also your wallet. If you’ve taken the better route of choosing a 100% Remy Hair Extensions then you will need to treat your extensions like you would your own hair. Minimize the amount of heat damage by air drying your extensions most of the time. Below are tips to air dry your hair extensions:

Wring Out the Water

After good shampoo and conditioning you want to make sure you get rid of all access water. By gently wringing out your hair extensions you will speed up the air-drying process. Use a wet brush and brush through your extensions, and then gently wring the hair again to remove any water leftover. Brushing the hair extensions also ensures there will be no tangling after they are dry.

Regular Trims

In order to maintain healthy hair and prevent split ends you must get a trim on a regular basis. It is recommended you get a trim every 6 to 10 weeks. Cutting your ends stop the already split ends from continuing to work their way up the shaft and causing more damage. Once the strand is damaged it can’t heal itself.

Dry With a Towel

Gently wrap your extensions in a soft towel. Let this sit for a few minutes so the towel can soak up water. We recommend using a microfiber towel because it is absorbent and doesn’t damage or make your hair frizzy.


Hang Dry

After a few minutes, unwrap the towel. Gently brush through using a wet brush. Allow your hair to hang dry (whether they’re clip-ins or attached to your hair) so the water can evaporate. As the extensions are drying Do Not Touch Them!! Touching them may cause frizz.

*If you have any other tips on how to air dry hair extensions please let us know in the comments below!

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