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Do your Hair Extensions need a Trim?

Do your Hair Extensions need a Trim?

DO your Hair Extensions need a Trim?

DO your Hair Extensions need a Trim?

Do you have Split Ends?

As you know there is no way to cure an already split end. A split end will keep on splitting all the way up the hair shaft and you’ll have to cut off inches to fix it if you don’t get regular trims. For fine or damage prone hair you’ll need to add a repairing mask into your weekly routine.

Does your hair tangle all of a sudden?

Damaged hair tends to tangle very easily so if you find you’re constantly having to comb it out then it’s time for a trim. For longer hair a trim is needed more often because you don’t want to lose length. So cut off the damage now before it’s too late.

Do your ends dry faster than the rest of your hair?

If after washing your hair you notice that your ends are dry before you’ve even picked up the blow dryer that’s the first sign that your hair is damaged and in need of a trim. When cuticles are damaged they can’t retain moisture which causes them to dry so much quicker than the rest of your hair

Hair won’t hold a style?

Do your Clip-In Hair Extensions fall flat a half an hour after curling it?  That might be because it’s super damaged and is in danger of flat lining. Split ends are impossible to control and using heat will only make the problem worse. If you use heated styling tools daily make sure you get a trim on a regular basis. Always use a heat protectant to minimize the risk of heat damage.

Are your Curly Extensions straight at the ends?

Curly hair needs regular cuts to keep it looking super bouncy and fresh. If you notice that your curls aren’t as tight once they dry you might want to get a trim every 3-4 months.  This will preserve the curl and make styling much easier.

Is your hair dull?

When your hair starts to look really dull and you notice a difference in how shiny the hair is at your roots compared to your ends then it’s time for a trim. By trimming your hair you will remove the fried ends. You’ll need to use a deep conditioning mask once a week to nourish your hair and prevent further damage.



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